XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2

XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2: Typing tutor from guitar technique that theaches you to use thumbs - TRUE SPEED! middle, middle] or [index, middle] or [thumb, middle] Of course, in this situation, [middle, middle] is the slowest way and, unfortunately - this is how other typing tutorials teach you to do. The recommended fingering is [index, middle]. However, there are MANY combinations where you must use your THUMBS in order to get the best typing speed. Check "CRE" with [thumb, index, middle]. Other features: - contains a set of over 100 carefully made lessons

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Middle School Science Worksheets 1.0

Middle School Science Worksheets toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find Middle School Science worksheets and activities. Easily find all the science vocabulary builders, middle school science lessons and middle school science experiments directly from your browser toolbar.

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Super Five 1.0.1: Petrify your opponent before you are immobilized!
Super Five 1.0.1

middle row. You can click and drag a column vertically or move the middle row horizontally so as to match the gems. When 3 or more gems of the same color are aligned in the middle row, those gems will be destroyed. Then the gems which are immediately above or below the destroyed pieces will be moved to the middle row. If you can align and destroy 5 gems of the same color in the middle row, a "SUPER" effect will occur and multiple opponent gems will

petrify, colour, stone, matching, color, immobilize, jewelry, arcade games, marble, bejeweled, five, super five, super

Cool Mouse 3.41: The amazing mouse tool which makes your life a little easier.
Cool Mouse 3.41

The right-mouse button in Windows gets a good workout, but that poor old middle button on three-button mice gets ignored. Cool Mouse rectifies that. Once it`s running in your system tray, this great tool lets you use your middle button to pop up the Start menu underneath the mouse cursor, minimize windows to the system tray, roll up windows to their title bar, and more.

middle, software, tility, mouse, button, cool, microsoft, sharware

Middle East Jobs Search 1: Wzayef Middle East Jobs Toolbar, search middle east jobs
Middle East Jobs Search 1

Wzayef Middle East Jobs Toolbar, search hundreds of daily posted job ads on, find your career today or post your job advertisement without charge.

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HydraMouse 3.10: Assign actions to the buttons of your mouse, even if it has more than 5 buttons!
HydraMouse 3.10

Middle and another to Middle+Left. * You can specify that a mouse button executes alternative actions if it is clicked on an application`s Title bar or the Windows Taskbar... Some of the incredibly useful HydraMouse actions: * Right+Left: Show/Hide Desktop (how many times have you done this, searching for that small "Show Desktop" icon?). * Right+Middle: BOSS! (minimize the current application and open some serious document). * Left+Wheel: Back/Forward

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Arabic Cuisine 1.0: The best Middle Eastern & Arabian recipes in one easy to follow cook book.
Arabic Cuisine 1.0

The Arabic Cuisine eBook contains 80 of the best Middle Eastern and Arabian recipes that are stable foods eaten by Middle Easterns almost every day. The recipes are hand picked from many neighboring Arabic countries. Recipes are easy to follow with precise ingredients amounts & step by step instructions. eBook sections: - Soups - Snacks & Starters - Main Meals - Vegetarian Dishes - Salads - Sweets & Deserts - Glossary & Helpful Hints

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